Please click HERE to access our SDPC End of Year Newsletter. 

It has information regarding:

  • Message from Dr. Merck
  • Looking Forward to 2021-2022
    • 2021-22 Start & Dismissal Times
    • 2021-22 School Calendar
    • Safety Protocols
    • Field Trips
  • Free Meals for Pickens County Students this Summer
  • Internet Needs survey
  • SDPC 15 year plan
  • Back to School Dates
  • Apptegy – New Communications Platform
  • Registration info

Please pay close attention to these sections of the newsletter: 

Internet Needs Survey

Do you have high speed internet at your home?  If not, we may be able to help.  To learn more, complete this survey by June 15, 2021! 

Quality Internet bandwidth is required for adequate, interactive learning. We recommend that you take the Ookla Speedtest and ensure you have broadband services needed for online learning. DO THIS FROM YOUR HOME INTERNET, NOT CELLULAR DATA ON YOUR PHONE! Go to 

SDPC has the opportunity to receive federal grant funds to help parents get broadband Internet in their homes. Additionally, federal funds are available to help families with monthly Internet fees.

Please help us direct this grant money as needed in our community by completing this survey -

School Calendar

As we return to “normal” in 2021-22, state regulations defining the length of each instructional day and the year are back in place. We plan to hold to the 2021-22 Instructional Calendar accessible here: SDPC will not release six-week calendars as we did this school year.