Driving Privileges

Information for Students Driving to the Career Center

Driving Form (PDF Form) 
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Rider Form (PDF Form) 
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Driving to the Career Center is considered a student privilege and not a student right; therefore, students and parents will be expected to comply with all rules and regulations concerning driving. All liability for accidents or problems incurred while driving or riding in a privately owned vehicle will be assumed by the parent and student (The School District of Pickens County assumes no liability for students while driving or riding to and from the career center).

New for 2020-2021 - Due liability issues and the increased risk of an accident occurring with teen drivers when other teens are in the vehicle, students for 2020-2021 will only be allowed a maximum of two passengers. Riders must have permission forms signed by their parents that they are allowed to ride in that student driver’s vehicle. Riders can only ride with the person that they have a permission form on file for. This is not transferable. The driver of that vehicle must have their parent sign that the riders have permission to ride. For 2019-2020, riding with a driver will cost $10 per rider.

In order to obtain a permit, the student must come to the Career Center to pick up an application. If permission has been granted for driving, the parent or guardian, the student, and the director or his designee will sign an agreement on the terms pertaining to the driving of a private vehicle to the career center and the driving permit will be issued after the payment of ten dollars ($10). 

  • Students who accumulate excessive tardies during each semester will have their permit suspended and will be required to use bus transportation during the time of suspension.
  • School year driver permits are for the driver only and passengers are allowed to be transported to and from the career center only with the parent or guardian specifically requesting in writing that the student be allowed to transport passengers. 
  • The speed limit for private vehicles is five (5) miles per hour while on the career center grounds.
  • A student, who receives any citation from the State Highway Department as a result of unsafe driving, will be subject to having his/her driving privilege suspended.
  • Students who transport unauthorized riders to and from the career center will be subject to suspension or revocation of driving privileges.
  • When driving or riding privileges are suspended, students are required to use bus transportation to and from the career center.
  • If the student fails to attend classes at the career center or high school, driving privileges will be suspended or revoked.
  • 9th grade students are not allowed to drive to the career center, but may ride with another student with proper paperwork (New Rider Form-See Below).
  • All drivers must complete the Alive at 25 course through the district prior to driving to the career enter.

Riding to the Career Center
Students wishing to ride with another student must obtain a Rider's Permit. The parent/guardian of the driver must agree for a rider to be transported. The permit will be issued upon receiving a request form signed by the rider's parent/guardian. Permits to ride with another student are $10. No more than two riders can be registered with a driver.

Driving and Riding Forms may be printed here or picked up from your classroom teacher. Complete the form and turn into Mr. Newton (Room 211).  Please contact Mr. Greg Newton with additional questions:  gregnewton@pickens.k12.sc.us.


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