School Rules 

Students assigned to the career center are considered to be and are treated like young adults and are expected to exhibit the behavior of ladies and gentlemen. Disregard or violation of the center's procedures, rules, and regulations will result in disciplinary action. Any behavior that endangers the student or surrounding personnel will not be tolerated. Scuffling or horseplay in the shops, classrooms, or hall will result in disciplinary action. Each student assigned to the career center is expected and will participate fully every day in his/her assigned course. Any student who willfully does not participate in course activities or does not follow directions of his or her instructor will be disciplined. Students are expected to pay any debts owed to the career center for materials consumed or damaged or for debts owed the center's various clubs.

The following types of behavior are not considered appropriate for the training of future crafts persons and will be dealt with as the director deems appropriate:

  • Refusal to work in assigned area and / or on assigned project.
  • Littering the shop area, classroom, or grounds.
  • Loitering in the restroom and/or hallways.
  • Intentionally damaging center property and/or equipment.
  • Wasting supplies and /or material.
  • Abusing break period privileges.
  • Failure to report directly to assigned classes upon arrival to the center.
  • Cheating in any form.
  • Cutting class or shop periods.
  • Leaving the center grounds or off campus projects before regular dismissal time without the permission.
  • Unauthorized use of the center's telephones, charging long distanc calls to the center's account, using the center's telephone for extende and /or personal calls.

Any other violation cited in this handbook or any other behavior deemed not in the best interest of the center or its students. Parking lots are off limits during school hours unless specific permission is granted to the student.

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